Ron Buch
John 4:19
Adult Bible Class
39 mins 59 secs
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We continue our study of worship with a focus on 1 Corinthians 14.

Ron Buch
1 Corinthians 14:1
Adult Bible Class
43 mins 47 secs
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Our Bible class continues with a study of worship centered on Psalm 95.

Ron Buch
Mark 2:1-3:6
General Topics
29 mins 59 secs
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Jesus confronted religion.  He confronted the selfish religion of the scribes and Pharisees of His day.  They had cold hearts.  They were seemingly unconcerned for the lost.  They were self-righteous.  They placed themselves in place of God.  We need to be careful to avoid temptations to fall in the similar traps today.

The New Christians Bible Class is a study of basic principles of Christianity.  The study reviews principles of worship, Christian service, and foundation teachings.  For those who have been Christians for a longer period of time, the study is a reminder of these principles.  The class is held at 9:30 prior to worship.

Ron Buch
1 Peter 2:9-3:17
General Topics
32 mins 10 secs
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Do Christians want "The World" to act like them?  Are we surprised when the standards of those around do seem to match ours?  Do we treat others with contempt and a scornful eye?  We need to remember the words of Peter when he reminded the Christians living near the Black Sea (think Crimea) that they were strangers and aliens living in the World.  He encourages them to live in their relationships as real people and real Christians that they might have a positive impact on those around them.  We should strive to have the same influence today.

Ron Buch
1 Samuel 17:1
General Topics
32 mins 14 secs
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David was just a boy; perhaps a teenager.  His dad sent him to resupply his older brothers who in the Israelite army.  They were facing off with the Philistines and technologically advanced military force compared to Israel.  But what really terrified the Israelites was the size and intimidating strength of Goliath.  But, David was not afraid of the Philistine champion.  He had faith in God.  He knew the battle belonged to the Lord.

We can be encouraged in our work as a church and as individuals by this story.  At times we feel overwhelmed.  We are out tooled and out matched in many of our challenges.  We must remember that God is bigger than any challenge and He can provide us with victory.

Ron Buch
General Topics
28 mins 37 secs
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2015 was a fabulous year.  We planted the Benbrook Church of Christ in May and we had four people be baptized during the next seven months.  2016 promises to be an even better year.

Ron Buch
Matthew 2:1
General Topics
27 mins 42 secs
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One of the most popular Christmas songs is "The Little Drummer Boy."  The little boy has only a simple gift to bring the new born king, Jesus.  The lyrics seem to recall the story of the "wise" men from Matthew 2.  The wise men brought great gifts and expensive gifts, why?  Why did they travel such as great distance to see Jesus?  If you were the little drummer boy, what gift would you give Jesus?

Ron Buch
John 10:1
General Topics
31 mins 38 secs
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He healed a blind man.  He did it on a Sabbath.  The Jewish leadership was not happy with Jesus' miracle working on such a day so they to great lengths to ridicule the blind man and Jesus.  Its at this point that Jesus identifies Himself as the Good Shepherd.  What was Jesus really doing in this passage?  Did the phrase, "Good Shepherd," have a unique meaning to the Jewish leadership?  What makes Jesus a good shepherd for us today?

Ron Buch
1 Thessalonians 5:12
A Labor of Love
13 mins 8 secs
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Paul concludes his letter to this newly planted church by reminding them to remain committed to each other.  Commitment means being willing to invest in the lives of others.  As Christians today we can have our greatest impact by making a real commitment to others.

(Due to technical error this recording ends abruptly prior to the end of the sermon).

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