Job makes a final attempt to understand his suffering.  He seeks a day in court with God.  He wants to know what he has done to deserve this suffering.  Sometimes we suffer and it doesn't make sense to us why we are suffering so.  Sometimes we bring greater suffering on ourselves we assume suffering is only caused as a consequence of sin.

In Job's quest to understand the reason for suffering he struggles to gain a handle.  The narrator reminds us that wisdom is not easily found.  We are reminded that wisdom begins with seeking God.

Job's friends had made several mistakes in their attempts to comfort Job.  Yet they had good intentions.  They could have abandoned him, but they did not.  Their intentions may have been good, but it caused Job tremendous pain.  Sometimes our intention may cause others pain or we may suffer pain at the hands of others' intentions.

Sometimes its hard to be faithful.  We face trials and hardships.  Job was in such a situation, yet he still remained loyal to God.

Job's friends started out right.  Unfortunately, that didn't last long.  They subscribed to a common belief found in antiquity - the "doctrine of retribution."  This belief suggest people only suffer because of wrong or sin.  Since Job was suffering he must not have been the man they thought he was.  They tried to find blame for Job's suffering.  Sometimes we seek answers for our suffering and look in the wrong places.

Job was suffering immense pain.  Both he and those around him had a choice in how to respond to that pain.  We can learn from the example of Job, his wife, and his three friends as we encounter moments of pain.

What do we do when crises hit?  At various times in our lives we encounter suffering and hardship.  When this happen we may ask, "why is this happening?"  We are not alone in our quest to understand.  Job faced unspeakable tragedy and searched for answers.  We can find comfort from his story.

Ron Buch
1 John 3:14-5:3
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Why are we on this journey?  The Benbrook Church of Christ is a newly planted church in Benbrook, Texas.  What drives our teaching and practices, love.  This sermon was delivered at our service and picnic held at Longhorn Park at Benbrook Lake on July 19, 2015.

Ron Buch
John 21:15
Serve. Worship. Grow.
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The weight must have been unbearable on Peter.  He had denied Jesus three times.  How could Jesus ever trust him again?  Do we ever blow it in our relationship with God?  Sometimes we feel we are unusable to Jesus and the Father.  But God can use you.

Ron Buch
Luke 23:33
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Jesus was in agony.  But he wasn't the only one.  Near him was a thief.  Jesus shows great compassion for the man by telling the man that he would be with Jesus in Paradise.  Sometimes this passage is used to argue the non-necessity of baptism.  But is this what this passage is about?  Or, is there something deeper in this story about the compassion of Jesus? 

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