Sunday AM Sermon 2017-01-22
Ron Buch
Genesis 16:0-16
General Topics
22 mins 56 secs
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Sunday AM Sermons 2017_1_15
Ron Buch
General Topics
19 mins 44 secs
Views: 12
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_1_8
"In the beginning" is a phrase we see repeated in scripture.  We learn of God the Creator, Jesus, introduced.  We learn God had a plan before He laid the foundation of the World.  His plan was that we might have a new beginning.  The Benbrook Church of Christ family has a new beginning as we open a new facility today.  We want to bring the message of God's plan to our community.
The Bride
Ron Buch
Ephesians 5:22
General Topics
16 mins 8 secs
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Why would Paul use the imagery of a bride to describe the relationship Jesus has with the church?  Paul is describing the closeness of Jesus to the church.  He is speaking of the preciousness and purity of the church.  We need to view the church as precious an not simply a collection or assembly of individuals.

Trust God
Ron Buch
General Topics
25 mins 38 secs
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Saul failed to trust God.  This cost him dearly.  As a church we need to trust God as we walk through the doors He has opened before us.

God's Favor
Ron Buch
Joshua 9:1
General Topics
21 mins 32 secs
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Joshua blew it.  While it was his intent to follow God's instructions, he was tricked by the deception of others.  His mistake was in not seeking God's counsel or His favor.  As a church we stand at a crossroads.  Let us seek God's counsel and favor.

Ron Buch
Acts 2:38
General Topics
29 mins 44 secs
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The days following Pentecost were a moment of excitement for the Early Church.  But there was more than emotional high that motivated these Christians.  Their behavior was much deeper and more substantial than a momentary experience.  As a new church plant, we can be excited as opportunities present themselves.  But, we also can learn from the early church and spend time in study, fellowship, and prayer as we share the Gospel with our neighbors.

Ron Buch
Matthew 6:19
General Topics
29 mins 14 secs
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Do you feel anxious?  Jesus tells His disciples not be anxious or worry about food, drink, or clothing.  But how does this fit with other passages in Scripture?  How can American Christians understand and follow Jesus' words?  When we examine the context we can have a fuller understanding of His message.

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