"In the beginning" is a phrase we see repeated in scripture.  We learn of God the Creator, Jesus, introduced.  We learn God had a plan before He laid the foundation of the World.  His plan was that we might have a new beginning.  The Benbrook Church of Christ family has a new beginning as we open a new facility today.  We want to bring the message of God's plan to our community.
Ron Buch
General Topics
19 mins 44 secs
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Sunday AM Sermon 2017_1_8
Ron Buch
Genesis 16:0-16
General Topics
22 mins 56 secs
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Sunday AM Sermons 2017_1_15
Sunday AM Sermon 2017-01-22
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_01_29
Sunday AM Sermons 2016_2_5_17
Sunday AM Sermons 2017_2_12
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_2_19
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_02_26
Ron Buch
In His Image
33 mins 54 secs
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Sunday AM Sermon 2017_03_4
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