Ron Buch

Ron has a warm and welcoming personality.  He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and at every phase in their spiritual journey.  His desire is to help everyone move closer to God and to be in a healthy relationship with God.  He loves helping those seeking to know God and understand the Bible in their search.  But he also loves helping Christians develop and mature in their faith and service to God.

Ron has a passion for preaching and outreach.  He strives to deliver lessons to diverse audiences in such a way that both those new to Bible study and seasoned students of scripture will be invigorated, inspired, and leave worship with a deepened appreciation of the Word.  Ron's goal in his preaching is that those who hear his sermons will find the principles of Scripture presented respectfully with application for every day life.  Ron has served in ministry for over 15 years after earning a M.A. from Freed-Hardeman University.

Besides ministry, he loves spending time with his wife and three kids.  His personal favorite activities include taking walks with his family, watching college football as well as the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, and Seattle Seahawks.  He enjoys reading books and listening to music from various genres.  If he were king for a month, he'd backpack in the Cascade mountains of the Northwest, fish, and enjoy numerous outdoor sports.

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Sunday AM Sermons 2017_2_12
Sunday AM Sermons 2016_2_5_17
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_01_29
Sunday AM Sermon 2017-01-22
Ron Buch
Genesis 16:0-16
General Topics
22 mins 56 secs
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Sunday AM Sermons 2017_1_15
Ron Buch
General Topics
19 mins 44 secs
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Sunday AM Sermon 2017_1_8
"In the beginning" is a phrase we see repeated in scripture.  We learn of God the Creator, Jesus, introduced.  We learn God had a plan before He laid the foundation of the World.  His plan was that we might have a new beginning.  The Benbrook Church of Christ family has a new beginning as we open a new facility today.  We want to bring the message of God's plan to our community.
The Bride
Ron Buch
Ephesians 5:22
General Topics
16 mins 8 secs
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Why would Paul use the imagery of a bride to describe the relationship Jesus has with the church?  Paul is describing the closeness of Jesus to the church.  He is speaking of the preciousness and purity of the church.  We need to view the church as precious an not simply a collection or assembly of individuals.

Trust God
Ron Buch
General Topics
25 mins 38 secs
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Saul failed to trust God.  This cost him dearly.  As a church we need to trust God as we walk through the doors He has opened before us.

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