Ron Buch
1 Samuel 2:12
Of Judges and Kings
31 mins 19 secs
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Eli the priest knew his sons were up to no good.  It must have been hard for this dad to hear all the things people were saying about his boys.  But how would he handle the situation?  He faced a pitfall which many parents face today as we try to raise responsible adults.  We can learn from Eli's mistakes and avoid a major pitfall.

Ron Buch
1 Samuel 13:1
Of Judges and Kings
28 mins 32 secs
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Saul was anointed the first king for Israel.  Yet, Saul quickly failed to trust God. As Christians we need to keep our focus on following God

Ron Buch
1 Samuel 15:1
Of Judges and Kings
36 mins 32 secs
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Saul was selected by God to serve as king over Israel.  He had a mission.  Yet Saul forgot his position in serving God and was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, so-to-speak.  As Christians some times we might fail to listen to God.  How can we remain faithful?

Ron Buch
1 Samuel 17:1
General Topics
32 mins 14 secs
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David was just a boy; perhaps a teenager.  His dad sent him to resupply his older brothers who in the Israelite army.  They were facing off with the Philistines and technologically advanced military force compared to Israel.  But what really terrified the Israelites was the size and intimidating strength of Goliath.  But, David was not afraid of the Philistine champion.  He had faith in God.  He knew the battle belonged to the Lord.

We can be encouraged in our work as a church and as individuals by this story.  At times we feel overwhelmed.  We are out tooled and out matched in many of our challenges.  We must remember that God is bigger than any challenge and He can provide us with victory.

Ron Buch
1 Samuel 24:1
Of Judges and Kings
30 mins 4 secs
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How easy is it to respect others?  People who have made  tremendous accomplishments or live lives of integrity are fairly easy to respect.  But what about those who may live less than respectful lives?  David encountered King Saul, a man of jealousy, hate, and murder.  Yet David held him in respect because of God.  God wants us to respect others even when it is not easy.  How then can we be respectful of others?

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