Is Jesus Real?
"In the beginning" is a phrase we see repeated in scripture.  We learn of God the Creator, Jesus, introduced.  We learn God had a plan before He laid the foundation of the World.  His plan was that we might have a new beginning.  The Benbrook Church of Christ family has a new beginning as we open a new facility today.  We want to bring the message of God's plan to our community.
Ron Buch
1 Corinthians 11:17
General Topics
32 mins 50 secs
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Do we honor the memorial?  We celebrate Memorial Day tomorrow, yet do we ever fail to stop to remember our fallen soldiers?  In the same way, do we ever forget the significance of the Lord's Supper as a time of reflection and remembering Jesus?  Paul warned the Corinthians because not only were they failing to remember Jesus; they were making a mockery of the Lord's Supper.  Christians today need to avoid the same type of dangers which Paul warned the Corinthians against.

Ron Buch
1 Corinthians 14:1
Adult Bible Class
43 mins 47 secs
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Our Bible class continues with a study of worship centered on Psalm 95.

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