Ron Buch
Luke 1:1-23
34 mins 50 secs
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Sunday AM Sermon 2017_04_2
Is Jesus Real?
Ron Buch
Luke 1:26-38
33 mins 30 secs
Views: 39
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_04_9
Ron Buch
Luke 2:41-52
In His Image
36 mins 57 secs
Views: 94
Sunday AM Sermon 2017_03_18
Ron Buch
Luke 16:1
General Topics
27 mins 41 secs
Views: 411

Jesus tells His disciples a parable of a dishonest manager.  But the owner of the estate in Jesus' story seems to praise the manager by calling him shrewd.  Jesus then seems to tell His disciples that they should be shrewd like the manager.  How can this be?  What lessons can we learn from this story?

Ron Buch
Luke 23:33
Serve. Worship. Grow.
28 mins 13 secs
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Jesus was in agony.  But he wasn't the only one.  Near him was a thief.  Jesus shows great compassion for the man by telling the man that he would be with Jesus in Paradise.  Sometimes this passage is used to argue the non-necessity of baptism.  But is this what this passage is about?  Or, is there something deeper in this story about the compassion of Jesus? 

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