Sermon Series

But What Does It Say?

There are many ideas, philosophies, and teachings on religious topics.  Even under the umbrella of what many call "Christianity" there is a wide array of teachings.  In this series, we explore a number of topics from the perspective of, "but what does the Bible say"?

Love One Another

"...That you love one another." The inspired Apostle John wrote these words nearly 2,000 years ago, but this charge remains true (1 John 3:11).  How easy is it for modern Christians to live up to this standard?  This series explores the ideal of Christian love.

Titles of Jesus' Deity

Skeptics of Christianity sometimes argue that Jesus did not claim to be God.  But does this claim stand up to scrutiny?  Within the framework of first century Judaism, Jesus makes several claims of deity recognized by His intended audience.  In fact, the charges against Jesus within the Jewish tribunal include blasphemy because they understood His claims.  The series explores titles used by Jesus or other applying to Him which were claims of deity.

General Topics
Stories of Faith

Faith is more than a vague belief.  It is a conviction.  It ought to drive us to action.  Hebrews 11 offers several examples of what it is to be moved by faith.

The Way We Worship

How would you answer a person who asked why you worship the way you do?  This series explores the basis for our worship.  We seek to understand the underlying values supporting our acts of worship as well as articulate how we worship together.

A Season of Thanksgiving

We love the Thanksgiving holiday. Or, at least most Americans do.  There are many reasons to love this great day; many of these reasons should be celebrated.  But none is more significant than giving thanks to God.  This series looks at examples and reasons for Christians' thankfulness. 

Amos: Common Man, Uncommon Message

Amos was an ordinary man.  Not the kind of person the social elite or religious false teacher would recognize.  But God used him to bring a tremendous message to Israel.  At times we might not believe that God would use us; but God can use anyone of us to accomplish His work.  How might God use you? 

Paul's letter to the Colossians

Is it possible to find encouragement from someone whom you have never met?  The church at Colossae was facing real problems from within.  Yet one of their own sought out the imprisoned Apostle Paul.  His letter is intended to gently correct and encourage.  In it we find deep truths which inspire today.

In His Image

Did God plan that Christians should be conformed into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29)?  If we are to reflect the image of Jesus, what qualities did Jesus display?  This series explores how modern Christians can carry the image of Jesus.

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