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Ron Buch
Romans 6:1
General Topics
29 mins 59 secs
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Why did Jesus have to die?  If God is so loving and all powerful why was it necessary for His Son to die?  Jesus died because there had to be a death as consequence for sin each one of us has made.  We must be "in Him" in order to do away with our body of sin.

Ron Buch
Romans 6:1
24 mins 34 secs
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Jesus was unique.  Only Jesus could provide a path to the Father.  Such a message is not popular in our modern culture which views this as an exclusive and intolerant theme.  Yet, Jesus' message is one of love and acceptance because anyone willing to follow Jesus may enter the way.

Sunday AM Sermon 2017_02_26

The New Christians Bible Class is a study of basic principles of Christianity.  The study reviews principles of worship, Christian service, and foundation teachings.  For those who have been Christians for a longer period of time, the study is a reminder of these principles.  The class is held at 9:30 prior to worship.

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