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Are You Ready for Zaccheus
Ron Buch
General Topics
26 mins 31 secs
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The story of Zaccheus is familiar to many. This man who is marginalized by the culture of Judea in Jesus' day. Yet due to Jesus' kindness, a life is changed. Are Christians today ready for Zaccheus? Do we too easily miss those around us who are looking for Jesus? Ron offers three things we can do to be ready for Zaccheus.
Two Moms and a Son
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
24 mins 25 secs
Views: 57
Many are familiar with the story of Moses' birth. But have we considered the role models of mothers in this story? This story provides a rich but brief glimpse of two moms. This is a great story especially as we celebrate Mother's Day.
Children's Bible Story Jonah
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 4 secs
Views: 48
This is a children's favorite. The story of Jonah told for children from Old Testament book of Jonah. Join us as our minister reads the story with picture illustrating the story.
Habakkuk and COVID19
Ron Buch
31 mins 20 secs
Views: 19
Habakkuk sought to know why the evil around him was allowed to exist. He cried out to God for help, and God responded. Through this conversation we see principles of faith which can guide Christians today as we encounter COVID-19 and the economic aftermath of the pandemic.
Children's Bible Story Noah
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
4 mins 54 secs
Views: 32
The story of Noah inspires young minds to see how God protects His people and our families.
Five Points of Noah's Faith and Patience
Ron Buch
29 mins 48 secs
Views: 11
How long were Noah and his family on the ark? We often remember the 40 days and nights of rain. But the year-long crisis saw God provide for this family time and time again. Noah demonstrates his faith and patience. During our present crisis, we can take courage from this story of Noah and God's providing for him.
The Woman at the Well
Ron Buch
29 mins 13 secs
Views: 13
Sometimes we feel like broken things. Lives might be shattered or we may feel as if there is no hope. Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well was with someone who seems to have been a community outcast. Yet, Jesus not only treated her kindly, but helped her to see a pathway to eternal life. In the end, she led others to that same living water. In life, we may identify with one or more of the persons in this story. The story is one of forgiveness, change, and eternal life. Sunday Morning Sermon 2020_04_19
Children's Bible Story - David & Goliath
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 23 secs
Views: 37
Children's Bible Story is for younger children on Wednesday evenings during the stay-at-home crisis. During our Bible story time, we sing children's songs, pray, and have a Bible story. This is the first of our Children's Bible Story. It tells the story of David and Goliath. With God, all things are possible.
Peter's Test
Ron Buch
37 mins 32 secs
Views: 12
Is your faith being tested? Satan wanted to destroy Peter, one Jesus' closest apostles. But Jesus limited Satan's trial of Peter. We can take courage from a careful study of Peter's Trial. During this coronavirus crisis, many are feeling great pain and tests of faith. Just as Peter overcame his trial to become a pillar of faith, each of us can overcome this crisis with rock solid faith.
Dry Bones
Ron Buch
22 mins 57 secs
Views: 15
The nation of Judah was in despair following the calamity which destroyed the temple of God, destroyed the city of Jerusalem, and exile a large portion of their population. The prophet Ezekiel's vision of God breathing life into dry bones was a message of hope. As we consider the current global crisis and its local impact, we can take courage from Ezekiel's message of faith in God's power.
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