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Christian Independence
July 4th is a day Americans as a nation celebrate the American colonies declared independence from England. As Christians we also enjoy freedom from the Old Law, the Law of Moses. But many of the Christians in the church of Galatia were bullied and confusingly taught they must follow that Old Law. Paul in his letter speaks of their freedom and ours.
Children's Bible Story: The Little Maid
Naaman had a problem. He had leprosy. But he was blessed to have a servant girl from Israel who knew of a prophet that could heal him. This is the story of Naaman and his servant girl.
Childrens Bible Story: Samuel
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 25 secs
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Samuel was a boy born to a woman named Hannah. Hannah had wanted to have children for many years but had not been able to do so. She prayed to God and promised to give her child to the service of God if she could just have a son. Samuel was that son; see what God did with him.
Childrens Bible Story Saul
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 10 secs
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Saul's name would be changed to Paul, but that wasn't the big change in his life. The real change came after he met Jesus on the road. His life took a 180! He went from being perhaps a man with little joy to a man of great joy.
Informed Faith
Ron Buch
34 mins 36 secs
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The churches of Galatia had been "bewitched" by someone or a group of teachers who insisted that Gentiles follow the Old Testament Law in order to be Christians. Paul reminds these Christians they are saved by faith and not by works of the Law. For Christians today we can learn from the pattern of Paul's teaching: a rock solid faith is built upon a solid knowledge and application of God's word.
Children's Story Time   Jesus Birth and Ministry
Children learn stories from Jesus' birth and ministry.
Seeing the Seed   The Seed Introduced
Is there an overall story or theme of the Bible? When does the idea of sin first appear in the Bible? What connects the parts of the Bible? How does the story of the Bible matter for my life? What does the Bible say about God, deity, and the "Trinity"? This Bible study series seeks to answer these and other questions. In this first lesson, the idea of a seed is introduced. It is this "seed" which provides a common thread, story, or theme connecting the Bible.
Children's Story Time   Jesus Birth and Ministry
Children learn stories from Jesus' birth and ministry.
You've Got To Stand for Something
Ron Buch
General Topics
29 mins 12 secs
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We celebrate Memorial Day by remembering those who fell while taking a stand defending individual liberty and personal responsibility. A popular country song claims, "You have to stand for something or you'll fall for anything." The Apostle Paul took a stand when the church at Antioch was threatened with disunity and division. Christians today may find moments when it is necessary to take a stand for principle, morality, and Godly living. Will we be ready?
Children's Bible Hour  Creation
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
5 mins 39 secs
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This is a children's Bible story about creation. Children learn about the days of creation including Adam and Eve. They also learn about Adam and Eve choosing to disobey God and having to leave the Garden of Eden.
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