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Seeing the Seed, Part 2
How did Adam and Eve die on the day they ate the fruit? What are the consequences of their choice for you and me? How does the seed of the woman bruising the serpent's head help us? These are questions we seek to answer in this study.
Childrens Bible Story Heroes of Babylon
Children's Bible Stories
2 mins 39 secs
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Daniel's three friends were doing what God wanted. But the king was not happy, he wanted them to do something else. Now they had a horrible punishment from the king. Yet, God kept them safe.
Joy in Trying Times
Can your joy be stolen? As Christians our joy should be deeper than what is happening around us in a given moment. Jesus and His apostles face adversity of the gravest kind, yet He speaks of joy fulfilled. Christians can take these steps to live with joy in trying times.
Childrens Bible Story  Zaccheus
Children's Bible Stories
2 mins 51 secs
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Zaccheus may have been a small man, but man did he make a big change!
God's Forgiveness 2020 07 26
Ron Buch
Hosea 11:1-12 & Hosea 14:1-9
General Topics
36 mins 27 secs
Views: 19
Our world needs forgiveness. We need to receive it, but we need to learn to give it. God's forgiveness demonstrated in His relationship with Israel is a high standard. But, if we can practice this forgiveness, we would find much of life greatly improved.
Children's Bible Story: Paul
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
5 mins 15 secs
Views: 101
Paul's ministry began on a Syrian Road and likely end after a Roman shipwreck. This story highlights the beginning and near ending points of Paul's work for Jesus. Kids will hear how Paul's faith saw him and his friends through a danger storm.
Blessing in the Middle of Trouble
It's hard to find a bright spot in the middle of a storm. When the trials of life rage around us, we often do not see the blessing. We're tired, beaten, and struggling. But scripture promises that God can cause all things to work for the good of those who love him. God's blessings are there even when we cannot see them.
Children's Bible Story: Peter Walks on Water
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 37 secs
Views: 99
People remember Jesus walking on water but Jesus wasn't the only one. For a brief moment Peter is enabled to walk on the water until he is scared by the storm and loses faith.
Joseph's Ups and Downs
Ron Buch
Genesis 37:1-50:26
General Topics
36 mins 57 secs
Views: 8
In this period of uncertainty and anxiousness, we can reflect on the life of Joseph. He certainly faced both. Yet, his faith in God saw him through. Paul tells us that God causes all things to work for the good of those who love Him. We are living in difficult time. Tensions may exist at work, at home, at school; you may be unemployed and family relations strained. In Joseph, we find comfort and hope.
Children's Bible Story: The Good Samaritan
Ron Buch
Children's Bible Stories
3 mins 3 secs
Views: 92
Children can hear this favorite Bible story. It's a story about compassion, brotherly love, and caring for others. The Samaritan did something which others were unwilling to do.
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