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Seeing the Seed: A Bible Study Series

This is a series of Bible studies led by our Minister Ron Buch.  In this series, Ron leads participants through scripture asking thought provoking questions.  Participant follow the theme of the Seed from it's introduction in Genesis to its completion in the New Testament.  The ultimate question is, "What does this mean for me?"  Join us for this series to uncover the underlying theme of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Sermons in this series

Seeing the Seed, Lesson 3: God's Promises to Abraham
As we leave the Garden of Eden we walk the pages of Genesis and find a 75 year old man, Abram. God makes several promises to Abram which form the basis and structure for much of the Old Testament. But something greater still is found in these promises. Something that can change our lives.
Seeing the Seed, Part 2
How did Adam and Eve die on the day they ate the fruit? What are the consequences of their choice for you and me? How does the seed of the woman bruising the serpent's head help us? These are questions we seek to answer in this study.
Seeing the Seed   The Seed Introduced
Is there an overall story or theme of the Bible? When does the idea of sin first appear in the Bible? What connects the parts of the Bible? How does the story of the Bible matter for my life? What does the Bible say about God, deity, and the "Trinity"? This Bible study series seeks to answer these and other questions. In this first lesson, the idea of a seed is introduced. It is this "seed" which provides a common thread, story, or theme connecting the Bible.
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