Welcome to the Benbrook Church of Christ!  We are glad to have you as our guest.  We are a brand new church with our first worship service held on May 17, 2015. Several families came together with a desire to plant a church in Benbrook where no congregations of Churches of Christ exist.  We want to share the message of Jesus’ sacrifice, resurrection, and forgiveness with our neighbors in this area while encouraging Christians to grow in their faith and service to God.

How may we help you?  

If you are curious about Christianity or simply entertaining the idea of God or Jesus we believe you will find a friendly and encouraging atmosphere for the answers you are seeking.  Our worship service and Bible classes are approachable as we seek to discover truths about God by reading and discussing the Bible.  

We are a diverse congregation with a desire to carryout Christ’s mission.  Among our church family are men and women from a variety of walks of life.  Everyone seeking a relationship with God is welcome.  No matter what your background is, we are want to help you will feel at home with the Benbrook Church of Christ.